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What my 10 days social media hiatus did for me

A 10 day social media hiatus, who would have thought it would be so impactful!? I got many comments and curiosities about my social media hiatus. Including a few folks expressing their urge to take a step back as well. As much as I love connecting personally with each of you, it’s also fun to share more publicly why I did it and how it went to see if it may be of benefit for you too.

For me, sharing my journey is about divulging all the feels. Life isn’t just the glossy, ready for the ‘gram ones. This uncovering and sharing is to remind everyone that all the feelings are welcome. We aren’t a community of only rainbows and unicorns, even though those things are great. We are also a community of real humans, living the real ups-and-downs of our experience, which sometimes includes feeling like crap.

One of my overarching boundaries that I have set up for myself and my community is respect, compassion and safety. All folks are welcome here. Sharing my story and process of all aspects of my life (when I feel it is appropriate) offers an invitation for others to move through their muck into their magic too. It reminds folks that they’re not alone on the journey. Plus, sharing also offers me another layer of reflection and integration, so it’s a win-win in my books. 

How the hiatus took form

In late August I knew that a social media break was going to be necessary. I could feel the pull, the desire to go inwards and reconnect more fully to my inner voice within. I knew without a doubt that this calling was for me to move even further into the embodiment of my higher Self. And thus, preparing my energetic and physical body to handle all that I was calling in. Despite knowing this, I didn’t expect the massive internal process that came to unfold.

The interesting myth out there is that as soon as you get an intuitive download you must act on it ASAP or life will implode. Or maybe, you’ll turn to a frog or a failure or some other seemingly horrid thing.

And, I do highly recommend that you honour your intuition as much as possible, as soon as possible. However, this is also your reminder that you are always in control. Spirit does not control you. You control you, period.

For me, I simultaneously honoured the realization that my body, mind and soul were aching for less technology, less noise and more tuning inwards, while also acknowledging that I can’t always drop my life. Coming out of summer and into September aka back to school time, I was very excited to get back to a more normal working schedule. I was excited to work because it lights me the fuck up. I knew I wanted to flow in that aligned state before taking a break.

By mid September the urge to go inwards heightened

As September rolled on through I went through a series of personal and professional changes. All of what I knew as my anchoring points felt like they were disintegrating in front of me and I felt extremely overwhelmed. Let me be clear, all that was happening, all that was showing up, all that was transforming were things that I had been actively calling in since Jan 2021. However, with all of it dumping on me at once it left me feeling lost, confused and questioning everything.

It felt like reality was crumbling around me.

Many of my main anchoring points around me were transforming. My logical and human side of me was having a very difficult time keeping up.

The only way out is through

In this state of exhaustion, confusion and alchemizing I kept reminding myself that growth happens when we move beyond our comfort zone. And let me tell you, I was un-fuckin-comfortable. The discomfort of growth is accentuated when I felt my tethers to reality were fraying at the ends. And then, I would breathe and come back to my remembrance of all the other times that I’ve done hard things before.

I’ve moved through devastating and unexpected losses of my mother and partner. I have alchemized betrayals and mentor’s abusing their power over me. I have birthed and parented 2 kids because let’s be honest, being a parent is dang hard in general.

When I allowed myself to come into remembrance of these, I also opened myself to the remembrance of my vast energetic toolkit.

I know how to ground, do shadow work, inner child work, self reiki and embodiment. I know how to listen to my body and meld the spirit with the flesh, it was time to utilize these. Plus, I have an extremely kickass group of exceptional souls who offered me their wisdom, holding space, time, love and energy. I humbly accepted.

I knew the clarity of all my tools would be accentuated with dedicated time to go inwards

So, I scheduled it all in. I scheduled to take my social media hiatus to be after October’s CMBC. I also gave myself permission to take 1 and up to 2 weeks off.

Once that was all clear for me, I was excited to honour this decision to go inwards. To reconnect with my expanded version of myself who was knocking on the door within.

I knew it was time to heed the call to sink into my own energetic space and to start tuning in to my own needs, energy and truths.

Signing off

To truly show up for myself through this, I needed to access parts of me that I hadn’t consciously accessed before. I needed to deepen the connection to myself. I need to be uninterrupted. To minimize the external noise to say, I hear you Soul. Right now you are just a whisper but, I am choosing to put you first. I am choosing to go inwards and locate that truth within so it may become louder and brighter.

Personally, I knew I had to delete the apps off my phone or it would be too tempting. Additionally, I chose to limit additional external noise such as podcasts and audible books to further reduce external noise and open myself to receive within.

It was interesting for me to observe that once I was off, the first 2 days were breezy. However by day 6 I felt like I was going through withdrawals. I waaannntttteeedd it sooo bad! And so, I knew that 7 days wasn’t enough.

Despite a pesky little voice saying ‘no you can’t be gone longer than a week. No, you’ll become irrelevant, you’ll lose followers. You’ll become insignificant, blah blah blah’. I gently commanded that scared little ego to step aside. Because, I knew this voice was only bubbling up as I was on the precipice of change. The ego is an exceptional aspect of us. It keeps us safe (and small) but, I knew in this instance that I was safe in my expansion.

social media hiatus

I reminded my ego, that we are safe.

That we are moving through this discomfort. That we would be OK. We are moving to take up more space and this time it is safe because of all shadow and inner chid work that I had done.

And I’m so glad I did extend it because those additional 3 days were truly there to break me open. They broke me through to new depths and discoveries within.

I deeply appreciate the discomfort and being confronted with yourself. I also deeply appreciate the gifts on the other side of this discomfort.

Take aways from my 10 day social media hiatus:

  • Firstly, I felt free. Free of what I should or shouldn’t do, of projected expectations.
    Free to unleash full attention and creativity for my own enjoyment. 
  • I spend way too much time on my phone
  • My energy and ability to focus increased
  • I used my phone more often than I realized as a coping mechanism to numb or as a transitional tool between tasks
  • I concluded that although social media is a great tool and way to connect, it is not the only option. For me, this expansion looks like more personal shares in my newsletters and blog
  • I reconnected with my land, the ocean and the forest. This brought me into a safe grounded state to anchor the new frequencies that I was (and still am) pulling in.
  • Dancing is a potent form of moving stagnant energy for me and the more I do it the better I feel.
  • Despite my fear of losing sales I sold CMBC: Collective Reiki replay’s throughout the 10 day break
  • I filled up the rest of my October and into November with 1:1 client sessions

When I honour & embody my truth, ultimately I am serving my community too

  • Rest is essential and productive in it’s own right
  • And I was very productive but that was never the intention to doing the social media hiatus
  • Removing all external noise opened and enhanced my channel like nothing else before. The clarity was exceptional
  • This allowed me to focus on refining my intuitive course, Welcome Home. I am beyond excited to start sharing more details soon about this 5 phase, 10 week course that will open in early 2022. To be the first to know and have VIP access into this course with limited space sign up for the waitlist here
  • I have only started to allude to this so y’all are privy to this but I have started to consciously contact the dragon realm as well as, embody a dragon fractal, my highest form. The energy of the dragon is a homecoming for me. It is healing, powerful and blissful energy. I will be starting to share more about this journey of reconnecting to my dragon aspect soon and incorporating more dragon energy into client sessions. 
  • So many clients and friends were supportive of my time off. In fact many welcomed me back personally and asked me how it went. I truly, I love you all, I have the best community.
  • Moving forward I plan to have more conscious consumption of all external noise while strengthening the bond with my own inner voice above all else
  • I realized I was feeling much calmer, more grounded and at ease with the changes

I realized how the external world wasn’t changing but how I was showing up was

Last but certainly not least, my 10 day social media hiatus allowed me the time and space to alchemize all layers of my existence to the physical shifts that were happening. I was able  to show up differently, in a more clear and grounded state. My nervous system is now ready for it despite my external world not changing. In fact I know more changes are on the horizon and I am now ready for them.

A full social media hiatus may not be in the cards for you but I can offer you a respite from external noise in a guided and safe container with our next Collective Meditation and Belief Clearing. The heed to go inwards for me feels like an offering to listen to our voice within to embody our next highest version as we collectively move through a dark night of the soul through winter. Change is coming my friends. And, we can move through it with ease and grace when we honour the voice within.

If this blog sparks an inquiry of what an inward journey may bring forth for you I invite you to join us for our next CMBC: Following Your Inner Compass on Tues Nov 2nd. This is a virtual event held on zoom with a replay sent out the next day to all participants.

We can do it collectively in the CMBC or 1:1 virtual Intuitive Readings and Channeled Chakra Balancing.

What do you think your inner voice would say to you?

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