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Chelsea’s Testimonial

Nyla is truly an earth angel! I have now had a few intuitive sessions with Nyla, including one of her monthly group readings, and each time is more powerful than the last. She is such an amazing Intuitive and energy healer and all I can say is her gifts are not from this realm. Nyla has single-handedly helped me uncover buried energy, removed outdated blocks and obstacles, and guided me to uncover more aspects of my energetic gifts. She is a true healer and lightworker through and through. Every time I leave a session with her I always feel lighter and more vibrant.

-Chelsea Jeheber April 8 2021

Collective Meditation & Belief Clearings Testimonial

That session hit home 💜 

Identity and purpose have been being mirrored to me a lot lately. I’m struggling and uncomfortable and thats why I reached out to you. 

The channelled messages were my most enjoyed part.  And a few of the belief clearings felt like someone had been reading my journal. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw it was an hour tbh, I was like whoa I’ve never meditated that long 😳 .. and then I was pleasantly eased through and into a wonderful experience. Thank you 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💜

-Anonymous April 8 2021

Collective Meditation & Belief Clearings Testimonial

I listened to the meditation replay last night, it was so good thank you so much. I love the words from Archangel Raphael and the reiki. The most powerful part for me was when you opened chakras, my head was tingling the entire time. Thank you!

-Anonymous April 8 2021

Collective Meditation & Belief Clearings Testimonial

Thank you for last night you little earth angel, I felt really amazing the entire time and of course feel great today ❤️

-Anonymous April 7 2021

Collective Meditation & Belief Clearings Testimonial

Loved the Reiki last night also!  ✨ it had been just over a year since my last session and it was really enjoyable. I definitely felt some shifting of energies.

-Anonymous April 7 2021

Windy’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial

My session with Nyla came through a recommendation from my sister and mother, both of whom had had sessions with her. I understand now why they were so adamant about me connecting with her! Nyla is incredibly gifted and easy to talk to. My session really helped me to identify and work through some childhood narratives that have been with me for years.

Much of what she shared really resonated with me and encouraged me to further explore different aspects of my spiritual self to help move forward and upward! My soul was crying out for this session and I’m so glad I did it! If you’re wondering what to expect or how the session will go… don’t. Meet Nyla with an open mind, open heart and be ready to dig as deep as you’re prepared to go – and above all else, have fun!

-Windy March 9 2021

Collective Meditation & Belief Clearings Testimonial

The collective belief clearings are a fantastic offering by Nyla. She guides you through a beautiful meditation and leads into belief clearings that she has intuitively gathered ahead of time. She is conscientious and gentle in her guiding, attentive to arising details and I feel very safe and held in her energy. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking there could be even the smallest thing holding you back from your fullest potential. 🙏🏻

-Anonymous March 4 2021

Erin’s Collective Meditation & Belief Clearings Testimonial

Thank you for the wonderful meditation and belief clearing the other evening. My womb much feels lighter and I feel a glowing sensation. I welcomed arch angel Rafael as soon as you started talking about him wanting to be apart, and I instantly felt his presence! I’m feeling happier; and as always I am so grateful for all your wonderful work. 

Thank you 💕🌱🙏

-Erin March 4 2021

Denielle’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial

I had an intuitive reading with Nyla and I cannot say enough great things about it. Nyla unearthed some barriers that I wasn’t even aware were limiting me until she led me to them.

Her reading answered some questions I had as to where some of the beliefs and fears holding me back were coming from and ways to help me move forward. Since my reading, I have made lots of positive changes and I have been less anxious and more grounded. I would highly recommend a reading with her.

-Denielle Feb 4 2021

Tawny’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial

I discovered Nyla through a friend and she has completely transformed my spiritual journey. She is in tune in a way that I had never experienced in any of my previous energy work sessions. The way she can see your soul and communicate messages is completely mind blowing. She truly is an extremely gifted intuitive! 

I had been working on my spiritual journey for a few years but with Nyla’s insight was able to uncover aspects of myself I had never even touched on before. She was able to dive so deep and see so clear that I was processing for days after. However she also made me feel very nurtured and guided along the way. If you’re interested in deepening your spiritual practice and connecting with your soul on a whole new level then I would definitely book a session with Nyla!

-Tawny Jan 25 2021

Christina’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial

Even though I didn’t know Nyla and was unknowing of what might happen, I really felt drawn to have a session with her. From the moment the Intuitive Reading began, I felt extremely safe and supported with her.

Nyla was able to gently lead me in accessing my energies and intuition, and helped me to clear out old emotions I’d been holding on to. The energetic awareness that I felt during and after the session was profound, something on a completely new and different level.

The days after the reading were emotional, but once I began to process everything, I felt a calm like never before. I felt emotionally lighter, and in turn was physically and mentally more balanced.

The experience changed me as a person – how I thought and felt about myself, and others. I would recommended Nyla’s guidance and gifts to anyone, and look forward to continuing my spiritual journey with her in the future ❤️

-Christina Jan 11 2021

Erin’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial

My experience with Nyla was incredibly moving. She brought up many truths that I had not recognized in myself. Nyla worked with me to move through them and reconnect to my soul. 

I have gained a sense of awareness and feel emotionally lighter. She gave me steps to help me work on healing myself in my daily life. I have already booked another session!

-Erin Bacon Jan 7 2021

Court’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial

It is really hard to articulate what Intuitive Readings truly do for a person.

Inner work I feel beings right here. Once we can see ourselves for who we truly are, that is when and where the magic happens.

Nyla helps you uncover things you didn’t know were impacting you and your life. I felt so lost. I didn’t know who I was anymore. It had been so long since I’d connected with my spirituality.

She helped ground me. She reminded me of my gifts, my purpose. Most importantly SHE BELIEVES IN ME. She reconnected me to my breath, and how important that is. Her readings have me strength to use my voice again. She helped me release beliefs that were no longer serving me.

This was my first step to regaining my power, my sense of self, my true being.

-Court Munson Dec 18 2020

Alanna’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial

I recently made some choices in my life that triggered a huge wake-up call and an obvious need for spiritual connection and heightened consciousness. My choices were born of feeling lost and confused and lacking purpose, and I spiralled further into the darkness. After nearly a year of living with depression and trying to come to terms with the natural consequences of my choices and the pain I caused myself and others, I saw Nyla’s posts about her Intuitive Reading offerings.

Our children had attended music classes together in the past and I felt a strong pull to reach out to her as she had always given off a gentle and approachable energy. Hundreds of dollars worth of therapy sessions did not compare to what Nyla was able to offer in a mere 90 minutes.

This was the insight that I so desperately needed to finally be able to entertain the idea of forgiving myself and moving forward in my life. Nyla was able to converse with my soul and my inner child and pinpoint very specific details from my past that had come to the surface to be healed.

She helped me to release deeply rooted ancestral patterns and step into my own truth. By bringing these subconscious patterns and ideas to the surface so that they could be healed, they lost their power over me. As an integrated being of light and darkness and with the healing and shifts that have taken place since my reading, I am finally finding my way home and back to a place of inner peace. I only wish I had connected sooner. Nyla has a gift for helping people to

focus on their strengths and the blessings that can come from difficult situations.

-Alanna Kowbel Nov 12 2020 

Alanna’s Chakra Balancing Testimonial submitted November 12 2020

Following an Intuitive Reading with Nyla, I couldn’t wait to connect with her again and experience her new Chakra Balancing offering.

I found this to be an excellent complement to the reading as it helped me to go deeper with the healings that I’d already started. Moving forward in life and having confidence in my direction is easier following the clearing of energetic.

-Alanna Kowbel Nov 12 2020

Shannon’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial submitted October 5 2020

I connected with Nyla at a time in my life when I needed support in energetic grounding, insight into my body, and guidance in moving forward on my path.  Instantly, Nyla was accessible;  from the first moments of our conversation, I felt that I had synched with a trustworthy guide – someone who wasn’t going to judge me, someone who didn’t have her own agenda, someone who is truly at the service of her path and the ways that she can help facilitate health for others.  Nyla was able to help me access parts of myself that I intuitively knew needed support and love, but wasn’t able to help on my own.  Our Intuitive Reading was thorough, holding, illuminating, and left me inspired and ready to continue on my journey. 

Nyla’s abilities are sound and whole;  I have worked with four energetic guides and can attest to her ability.  In addition to her ability to tap energy and intuition, and to guide me in accessing it for myself, Nyla’s personality and approach is thoughtful, generous, and anchored in wisdom.  I left our Intuitive Reading session not only shifted and grounded, released and relieved, but also looking forward to booking future sessions.  She is now a resource that I will call upon when I feel I need support in my future.  I whole-heartedly have recommended her to my family and friends and feel strongly about recommending her to the greater community and world.  Thank you Nyla for following your path so that you could help me follow mine! 

– Shannon Gerrity October 5 2020

Danica’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial submitted September 13 2020

I’ve had 2 intuitive readings with Nyla. She is very tuned in, grounded and open. I left both sessions feeling validated, excited and purposeful. I also love that she is open to continuing the conversation in the weeks to come if something comes up for you. It makes it a true exchange of energy rather than just a one off. Highly recommend if you’re curious about your higher self ✨💖✨.

– Danica Wood Sept 13 2020

N’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial submitted September 12 2020

I had a reading from Nyla in early July, I have never met her in person but I was very much drawn to her. I saw some friends post about their intuitive reading and I knew I needed to have one even though I didn’t know what I wanted to know or what to expect. I can tell you my reading was nothing like anything I have ever experienced, it was simply magical. Nyla connected with me, and helped me work through some things I had been carrying around. even though we didn’t meet in person  I felt super safe and connected. It was so emotional and beautiful at the same time. Nyla has a beautiful spirit and does amazing work I would recommend anyone whose interested to reach out to her because you will not be disappointed

– N. C. Sept 12 2020.

Lauren’s Chakra Balancing Testimonial submitted September 8 2020

I had the most incredible Chakra clearing and healing session. Nyla uses a beautiful blend of techniques that left me feeling both grounded and expansive at the same time! She warmly guided me through each of my chakras, explaining what she intuitively felt, heard and saw. It was validating to hear confirmation on many of the things I was feeling, while also getting much needed opening and healing in places I had subconscious blocks. Her session helped me feel more aligned, supported and inspired. She truly is a gifted healer

– Lauren Ivy September 8 2020

Lauri’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial submitted June 29 2020

Thank you Nyla. Your ability to intuit the divine guidance was profound. I believe it is your gentle, loving and kind way of opening a sacred and honoured space, allowing me to rest and notice the infinite love that holds me near and dear. Thank you for your wisdom and grace.

– Lauri June 29 2020 

E’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial submitted June 19 2020

I had my first reading with Nyla almost one week ago. I had set an intention for clarity and healing. From the moment we started tears came pouring out of me, and didn’t stop til the session was done. I feel I have been going through a bit of a dark night of the soul, and tears are a common almost daily occurrence.

I’ve taken a long time to process what happened before writing this, and I can say that for the first time in a few years I feel a shift. There’s a lightness about me that I haven’t felt in years. I set the intention for clarity, something simple, but something that had been elusive to me for so long.

Nyla’s technique, her gift, her unique messages that came through resonated so much deep inside me. She found the part of me that I knew needed healing but couldn’t seem to find myself. Her messages were so specific to my situation, details that only someone so tuned in to something greater than our everyday reality could tap into. I feel safety for the first time in ages, I feel centred for the first time in ages, I feel grounded for the first time in ages. I feel such a gratitude for Nyla recognizing that piece hidden inside of me so deep that I couldn’t find it myself, and shining light on it to begin a healing process.

E. June 19 2020 

Samantha’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial submitted June 19th 2020

I had the pleasure of having Nyla provide me a reading last week and Wow, was it ever such a surprising and settling relief! I was greeted by my younger self (my innocence) and I was reminded to pay more attention to her! To bring her along with me when doing the simple things that bring me joy! We were able to tap into some past childhood trauma that I may have been holding on to and together we have now let go. Thank you! I am looking forward to my next reading. Bring on the white light!!! ✨

  • Samantha June 19th 2020 

Tanya’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial submitted June 18 2020

I had a soul reading with Nyla and it was absolutely incredible. I went into it seeking some clarity about my career path, and came out of it with more insight than I ever could have imagined. I connected with my spirit guides, a loved one, and received a deep healing that made me feel more clear than I have in a very long time, maybe ever. I appreciated how Nyla helped me interpret the guidance I received into actionable steps and I am excited to integrate them into my life! I would highly recommend a reading with Nyla to anyone looking to take the next steps on their spiritual journey. 

– Tanya June 18 2020

C.E’s Intuitive Reading testimonial submitted June 13th 2020

Nyla did a soul reading with me.  I highly recommend this to anyone who is curious about soul work, spirit guides, or simply wondering where to start their important inner work.  She guided me along as she explored some of my deep questions, welcomed in past and future wisdom, and helped me see things with a new perspective.  Her gentle nature and compassion were felt as she explained things to me in a way that instilled confidence and brought comfort while helping me with my personal spiritual exploration.

– C. E. June 13th 2020 

Alicia’s Intuitive Reading testimonial submitted June 10 2020

Whatever your beliefs may be, I strongly suggest you allow Nyla to take you on this journey. I was shocked and intrigued and left with a feeling of peace and calmness. My mind is opening up to this practice and I’m very much looking forward to having another reading! Nyla is respectful and authentic and made me feel completely safe and competent.

– Alicia June 10 2020

T.H.’s Intuitive Reading testimonial submitted May 31 2020

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my reading but as an always Nyla provided a comfortable atmosphere, without judgement, that allowed me to relax and be open. She explained what she was doing as she guided me through an incredible, emotional, perception changing experience, connecting me to messages and guidance that helped me on my healing journey. I absolutely recommend a reading for anyone at a crossroad in life or unsure about the direction their journey is going.

– T.H May 31 2020 

T.P’s Nutrition Testimonial submitted January 2020

I’ve suffered with endometriosis for many years. The pain has caused me to vomit, miss work, it affects my eating and how I can care for my children. As a single parent I knew I had to make permanent changes so I could best take care of my children.

After working with Nyla my periods are now only mildly crampy, no vomiting, no crying, no missed worked or missed meals. My periods now come and go with no real issue.

I feel a million times better than I did at the start of the fall.

-T.P. January 2020

Tara’s Nutrition Testimonial submitted July 2019

A year ago I thought my monthly suffering was “normal” and something that I would always deal with. My condition got drastically worse, and I was only offered medications to mask my symptoms.

Looking for a natural way I started working with Marrow Holistic Health. Nyla gave me hope that I could heal and get my quality of life back. 

Through this process Nyla has been incredibly knowledgeable, she answers all of my many questions and explains the Why behind everything we do.

She makes options to fit my budget and lifestyle and works with me when I am struggling. She doesn’t tell me to eliminate all the foods, scold me for having a donut here and there or request I live a super strict life. 

Now working with me is not easy, she was so patient and understanding, and believe me I am full of excuses. She never made me feel guilty when I made poor decisions or when I wasn’t ready to start something.

She knows how important small changes are to set you up for success, we take small steps and she is teaching me to embrace foods instead of fearing them. 

The hope that I have been given since working with Nyla has had an impact on me in so many ways. Her style of healing is a mind, body, soul approach.

She has guided me through thymus tapping, shared recipes, helpful videos, and opened my mind to so many other aspects of how I care for myself. The past 2 months have been the first in many that I haven’t spent at least 24 hours in shambles on my bathroom floor, something I didn’t think would be possible until menopause, and at 31 I had quite the road ahead.

I truly believe that this happened from listening and dedicating myself to the protocols and supplements provided just for me. To anyone suffering from digestive issues or hormone related illness I highly recommend Marrow Holistic Health.

-Tara July 2019

Joanna’s Testimonial submitted July 2019

Nyla gave a fantastic talk on Holistic Nutrition for kids at our Childcare Training Workshop. She broke down the basics for our participants with a focus on the importance of nutrition for youngsters, relationships with food and practical tips on getting kids to eat healthily.

She really made a lot of dense material very accessible and fun. Her presentation was a highlight of our program and our participants left feeling inspired and confident about giving children in their care the best possible start through nutrition.

I especially appreciated the delicious recipes and how approachable and knowledgeable she was. She answered all our questions and even brought snacks!

-Joanna Hoff, Employment Facilitator July 2019

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