Please enjoy the testimonials from Nyla’s clients.

E’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial

I had my first reading with Nyla almost one week ago. I had set an intention for clarity and healing. From the moment we started tears came pouring out of me, and didn’t stop til the session was done. I feel I have been going through a bit of a dark night of the soul, and tears are a common almost daily occurrence.

I’ve taken a long time to process what happened before writing this, and I can say that for the first time in a few years I feel a shift. There’s a lightness about me that I haven’t felt in years. I set the intention for clarity, something simple, but something that had been elusive to me for so long.

Nyla’s technique, her gift, her unique messages that came through resonated so much deep inside me. She found the part of me that I knew needed healing but couldn’t seem to find myself. Her messages were so specific to my situation, details that only someone so tuned in to something greater than our everyday reality could tap into. I feel safety for the first time in ages, I feel centred for the first time in ages, I feel grounded for the first time in ages. I feel such a gratitude for Nyla recognizing that piece hidden inside of me so deep that I couldn’t find it myself, and shining light on it to begin a healing process. –

E. June 19 2020 

Tanya’s Intuitive Reading Testimonial

I had a soul reading with Nyla and it was absolutely incredible. I went into it seeking some clarity about my career path, and came out of it with more insight than I ever could have imagined. I connected with my spirit guides, a loved one, and received a deep healing that made me feel more clear than I have in a very long time, maybe ever. I appreciated how Nyla helped me interpret the guidance I received into actionable steps and I am excited to integrate them into my life! I would highly recommend a reading with Nyla to anyone looking to take the next steps on their spiritual journey. 

– T. D. June 18 2020

T.P.’s Nutrition Testimonial

I’ve suffered with endometriosis for many years. The pain has caused me to vomit, miss work, it affects my eating and how I can care for my children. As a single parent I knew I had to make permanent changes so I could best take care of my children.

After working with Nyla my periods are now only mildly crampy, no vomiting, no crying, no missed worked or missed meals. My periods now come and go with no real issue.

I feel a million times better than I did at the start of the fall.

-T.P. January 2020

Tara’s Testimonial

A year ago I thought my monthly suffering was “normal” and something that I would always deal with. My condition got drastically worse, and I was only offered medications to mask my symptoms.

Looking for a natural way I started working with Marrow Holistic Health. Nyla gave me hope that I could heal and get my quality of life back. 

Through this process Nyla has been incredibly knowledgeable, she answers all of my many questions and explains the Why behind everything we do.

She makes options to fit my budget and lifestyle and works with me when I am struggling. She doesn’t tell me to eliminate all the foods, scold me for having a donut here and there or request I live a super strict life. 

Now working with me is not easy, she was so patient and understanding, and believe me I am full of excuses. She never made me feel guilty when I made poor decisions or when I wasn’t ready to start something.

She knows how important small changes are to set you up for success, we take small steps and she is teaching me to embrace foods instead of fearing them. 

The hope that I have been given since working with Nyla has had an impact on me in so many ways. Her style of healing is a mind, body, soul approach.

She has guided me through thymus tapping, shared recipes, helpful videos, and opened my mind to so many other aspects of how I care for myself. The past 2 months have been the first in many that I haven’t spent at least 24 hours in shambles on my bathroom floor, something I didn’t think would be possible until menopause, and at 31 I had quite the road ahead.

I truly believe that this happened from listening and dedicating myself to the protocols and supplements provided just for me. To anyone suffering from digestive issues or hormone related illness I highly recommend Marrow Holistic Health.

-Tara July 2019

Joanna’s Testimonial

Nyla gave a fantastic talk on Holistic Nutrition for kids at our Childcare Training Workshop. She broke down the basics for our participants with a focus on the importance of nutrition for youngsters, relationships with food and practical tips on getting kids to eat healthily.

She really made a lot of dense material very accessible and fun. Her presentation was a highlight of our program and our participants left feeling inspired and confident about giving children in their care the best possible start through nutrition.

I especially appreciated the delicious recipes and how approachable and knowledgeable she was. She answered all our questions and even brought snacks!

-Joanna Hoff, Employment Facilitator July 2019

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