Nourishment Over Weight loss

With the dawn of each New Year, resolutions of weight loss is all too inevitable. Although, I respect your desire to want to lose weight I also want to educate you on why I don’t advertise that I promote weight loss.

Listen I get it, after a month or so of holiday eating and drinking coupled with the stress of it all, it is common for the pounds to add on. Coincidentally the way your body metabolizes fat and glucose in the winter may also change due to a long lost survival mechanism that kept us alive during times of food scarcity. 

Today weight gain or having difficulty losing weight can happen for many different reasons such as over eating, chronic stress, having PCOS, chronic constipation, too much or too little exercise, undernourishment, poor digestion and eating too much processed and refined foods to name a few.

Therefore, I don’t advertise that you can lose weight when you work one on one with me or through my programs because your story is so much more than the number on the scale. I want to learn more about you as a human, what are your eating, sleeping and thinking patterns? What is your activity level? How is your immune system, how many times have you been on antibiotics in the last 5, 10 or 20 years? What is your relationship with food and yourself? Let’s even take it one step further and test your hormones to see exactly what is going on in your body.

Losing 10 lbs in 2 weeks is not the type of weight loss program that will bring you into optimized health. That is the type of program that perpetuates diet culture, yo-yo dieting and keeps you out of control of your own body.

My Story 

Let me preface this with my own experience. I have always had the athletic type body, but after my second child I gained weight that I couldn’t shake. After I gave birth to Giselle I was diagnosed with a prolapse (more about this in the future) that prevented me from doing any strenuous exercise for a year. In fact, when Giselle was a newborn I wasn’t allowed to hold her and a grocery bag at the same time, it was too much weight for my body to handle.

The changes in my body coupled with my limited mobility left my feeling very low. It wasn’t that I hated my ‘new’ body but it was difficult to look in the mirror and not even recognize myself. I had to buy clothes 3+ sizes bigger and it crushed my soul. But I stayed gentle and kind to myself.. most of the time. 

When Giselle was a couple weeks old I would travel to North Vancouver 2-3 times a month for many months to go to my physiotherapist to manage my prolapse. I learned to reframe my mindset, rested a lot, worked within my physical limits which included lots of walking and body weight exercises. I also focused on how I was nourishing my body.

From a person who ‘bounced’ back after the first baby to a women feeling stuck in the mud after the second I hear you, I see you. But I truly think it was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to do some inner work, s l o w down into this healing period. The weight did end up coming off after 2 + years of making gentle and consistent changes. 

The Next 5 Pounds 

When weight loss and not nourishment is the driving force for what you feed yourself you are coming in from a place of fear and not love. How often have you heard “after these next 5 pounds are gone I’ll be happy”. And once those 5 pounds are gone I will hear it again – “after THESE next 5 pounds are gone THEN I’ll be happy” and so it goes. 

Let me get real with you. If you don’t change the relationship you have with yourself and food the happiness you are seeking won’t magically appear from a certain number on the scale.

It’s not the 5, 10, 20 + pounds that you want to shed to to reach that happiness. It’s the weight of not being enough, the weight of low energy, fatigue, chronic infections, poor digestion and PMS that you want to shed.

Learn how to eat to balance your hormones to have more energy, reduce bloat and sugar cravings, have a healthy gut and boost digestion in my 2-Week Nourish Your Hormones Reset Program. 

2 – Week Nourish Your Hormones Reset Program

I built this group program with the intention to educate and empower you on how to nourish your body from the inside out. It is more than a 2 week meal plan, it is a 2 week intensive to learn to love on your body.

You will gain knowledge on ways to alleviate stress, boost digestion and how eating strategic foods will help to balance hormones. When the body can function how it is designed to you will have

  • less sugar cravings
  • less inflammation
  • less PMS
  • less frustration
  • less deprivation and binging
  • more energy
  • a stronger immune system
  • and feel empowered with the food you’re nourishing yourself with

The 2-Week Nourish Your Hormones Reset Program starts Monday January 13th, you will learn how to eat to keep you feeling full without compromising on taste with 14 + gluten and dairy free recipes with options for vegans and omnivores each week.

For only $185.00

Find hormone balance through food freedom!

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And remember, the number on the scale doesn’t determine your happiness or self worth, that comes from within sis.

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