Channeled words from Archangel Raphael: You are the Key.

These are the channeled words from Archangel Raphael. These words were channeled for the purpose of April’s Collective Meditation & Belief Clearings: Reawaken with Spring. The theme, as the name implies, was generated to harness the energetics of Spring. We explored the gratitude of the death of winter to offer a greater appreciation for the rebirth of spring.

The following channeled words speak of possibility and transformation. It also speaks to the harmonious nature of the individuals unique expression lending forming into collective expansion. We are all needed.

The following channeled words moved through me to support the gathering of the collective consciousness of all who joined.

Please enjoy these words with the audio below or read for your own pleasure.

Music by Solfeggio Sanctuary, 417Hz

Channeled words from Archangel Raphael for the gathering of Reawaken with Spring.

The keys to your oneness lies within each of you. You are the key. You are the divines highest expression. There is nothing beyond your manifestation in physical form, in this plane of existence.

You are here to hold the light, the non-physical frequency of the divine to create love in form, you are love in form – in conscious form and awareness. You have the access to infinite wisdom and love in this human form.

The individual work is key and yet the community that holds us is the true undercurrent. 

The collective consciousness is waking up to new potentials, new timelines, new realities that were hardly conceivable not many years prior.

Collectively it’s natural to want to gather once again when spring comes. We come out of hiding and yet in your current global climate it is not very accessible. That does not mean that we are alone.

There is no where that you have to be, there is no thing that you have to do, dear one. The work as you so admittedly call it, is in the be-ing.

Healing is available to all who choose to look inwards. The mirror is the greatest gift and the greatest tool and resource; to find a mirror is in the actions of another.

The healing is not an outward expression or location, the healing is done within. It is a remembrance and reconnection to your highest form, your soul, your infinite expression.

channeled words spring

The remembrance comes in when you process your own traumatic frequency.

The illumination and activation that you feel within sparks a remembrance for another; that my angel is your gift to humanity.

There is nothing beyond but a mirror to reflect back to your remembrance. When we recognize that what another has, we too have available to us.

The work allows us to delayer. The decluttering is an act of love, of self love and love for humanity. For in this clarity of being, we can see clearer the actions of our own nature and energy input. We can see that we are a line within the infinite wisdom of the grid of consciousness.

Each of you dear souls, are here to add to the fabric of this. Individual threads have menial meaning on their own. Still, the collective effort of many threads, many lives and inputs can create a beautiful fabric of life.

Each of you dear souls, are here for this purpose of collective creation, and to process this shift in energy.

You are not here by happenstance, you are here by design. You are incarnating today with purposed intent, to hold the light and transmute your own pain. And to bring this wisdom to the collective fabric of time.

You are the change and creation.

When we meld together in this pattern of collective oneness, we see how held the cocoon of life is. The community is beyond the individual.

Individuals make up the community and together a new entity is born. Creation is manifested. Together we can create that which is not possible as an individual. Together, we create a healing frequency that is unapproachable alone and yet you are each needed.

You each carry your own frequency that is a prerequisite for this miraculous potential. You are more than you have dreamed of dear one, you are the connection to all.

And for this knowledge, this ability to hear and heed the call that is vibrating at unequivocal speed and ferocity dear one we thank you for your service of love and light for all of humanity for mastering your own infinite intelligence within, for managing the collective key to ascension for we are all one.

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