Author: Nyla Falardeau

Easy Homemade Fermented Ketchup

Fermented Ketchup is the perfect alternative to store bought options. If you want ketchup that is refined sugar free, tastes amazing and supports your gut look no further then this Easy Homemade Fermented Ketchup recipe.

Part One: Signs and Symptoms of Candida

You may have landed here because you are wondering what Candida is, you may currently be on a gut health program or you’re looking to expand your own gut health knowledge. Any old reason that brought you here I’m pleased because gut knowledge is power. When you learn that some […]

Raspberry Bliss Balls

These Raspberry Bliss Balls should really be called Magic Raspberry Balls because they are incredible! I was recently gifted 8 pounds of freshly picked raspberries, still warm from the sun. Instead of doing a bunch of jam or freezing the lot I wanted to play around with the raspberries. And […]

The Gut – Health Connection:

How Your Gut Bacteria Influences Your Health Gut health is all the rage right now and rightly so, the good bacteria in and on your body is critical for our health and well-being. I LOVE the gut microflora. We have a seriously fascinating relationship with them; for example your skin, […]