The support Nyla offers as a practitioner incorporates an innovative set of tools where clients are given a solid foundation to achieve vitality and whole-health. Her practice can include energy work, herbs, supplements and food to navigate body imbalances both physically and energetically.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Nyla takes a multi-thronged approach to nourishing the body, mind and soul. Nyla has a passion for manifesting the human body’s full potential. And it is this curiosity and enthusiasm for holistic health that compelled her to attend the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she completed her studies in 2011.

Nyla has level II Reiki and has completed certificates in Healthy Hormones.

Nyla’s own health journey and now raising two young daughters has inspired her to work specifically with women to live a more balanced and vibrant life. She has personally experienced absent and irregular menses, hormonal acnes, HPA dysfunction and lack of digestive power.

Nyla aspires to one goal: to enrich her community with healthy people who are doing what they love, in balance with who they are meant to be.

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