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Welcome to Marrow Holistic Health! I am Nyla, an Intuitive Channel, reiki practitioner and Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in empowering all humans to move from disempowerment to aligned ease in power. My practice bridges the gap between the physical and non-physical body. 

After working in the health and wellness realm for over 10 years I can confidently say that all humans have the capacity to activate their innate healing if they choose and with the proper support. 

I work intuitively and energetically with you to access deep subconscious beliefs and stored energy that is holding you back from your clarity, truth and power.

By releasing and integrating these you are not only accessing clarity around your symptom/intention/reason for visiting but you are also opening doors and energy fields that will be positively felt through your whole life and body

Photo by With a Wild Heart Collective

On an intuitive level I can tap into your soul or your higher Self, guiding you to  release stagnant energy, limiting beliefs and bringing forth messages to aid you in coming back into  your aligned  highest truth.

It is possible for dis-ease and ailments to manifest within the body when there is energetic stagnancy. The sooner these energetic imbalances are corrected the less potential for suffering to persist. 

This is not to ever dismiss your experience. The symptoms that you live with are very real, life altering and possibly debilitating. They are also clues as to what is happening internally.

I offer guidance and education to individuals who are
  • ready to reclaim their sovereign power
  • seeking clarity on their life purpose
  • wanting to connect with their inner child
  • ready to integrate shadow aspects of self
  • looking to gain insight into their life 
  • ready to release limiting beliefs and blocks
  • seeking to open their intuitive gifts
  • looking for a higher quality of life
  • desiring a higher perspective view on life/a situation
  • ready to uncover possible energetic root causes of physical manifestations

All interactions are currently held on zoom.

Current offerings include Intuitive Readings, Channeled Chakra Balancing and monthly group Collective Meditation & Belief Clearings. Please click here to go to the services page.

My highest form of work is to bring you back to clarity and power so that you may move through your life with ease and alignment no matter what comes forward.